Information Requirements for Tax Preparation

Trading Tax Forms - Form 8949, Form 6781, Form 4797 (MTM), Schedule C

  • Download of RAW TRADES into Excel format (.xlsx or .csv)

  • Click here to see the format of the raw trading data

  • Prior tax year-end statement showing cost basis of open positions as of prior year-end as well as purchase date

  • Current tax year-end statement showing open positions

  • Form 1099-B from all brokerages (.pdf or .xlsx)

  • Home office detail for Traders in Securities and MTM Traders, if applicable

Form 1040 - preparation of complete tax return

In addition to the above

  • Prior year complete Form 1040 (just tax return - no additional tax software schedules)

  • All tax forms received (as .pdf)

    • Form W-2s​

    • Form 1099-INT, 1099-DIV

    • Charitable giving - acknowledgements from charities

    • Schedule K-1s

    • Form SSA-1099

    • Form 1099-G

    • Form 1099-NEC

    • Form 1098

  • Bank routing and account numbers (sent secured) for refund or payment from/to IRS

  • Copies of driver licenses (sent secured) for IRS Identity Theft initiative

  • Children under 17

    • Birth certificates​

    • Social security cards

    • Daycare statements

    • Multiple support agreements

  • Sole proprietorship records - QuickBooks or Excel detail (subject to additional requests)​

See a more complete list of Data Requirements here.


We are not the most expensive nor are we the least expensive.

Trading tax forms are priced at $180 per hour.  Broker information is not uniform so it must all be reformatted into a uniform format.  Further, we tie out the beginning stock and option open positions and the ending stock and option open positions, per brokerage, then prepare the tax forms.

Most tax returns work out to around $150 to $180 per hour per return, depending on how complete the information is that is provided.  The more we have to request additional information and the more time it takes, the more the tax return will cost.

  • Check - Clears before tax return provided

  • ACH

  • PayPal - typically I split the PayPal fees 50/50

  • Venmo - to; 50% Retainer