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Broker Conversions

Once you download your broker's RAW TRADE data, we will convert it into a uniform format across brokerages.  This will not replace the requirement to provide an electronic 1099-B in Excel format from all brokerages and is absolutely required for ALL Mark to Market traders.  Do not attempt to convert the brokerage file into any other format.

Click on the brokerage icon to download the sample data file

All Templates updated  for 2023 tax year

and DO NOT contain any viruses

NOTE: For tax year 2023 some of these brokers have changed their reporting format.

Download what you can and email to us for evaluation.  We will update when possible.

Chas Schwab.jpg

Incomplete - does not include REMOVALs

Open Positon manual entry
Open Manual Entry.jpg

Opening Positions manual entry

The Excel data file should appear as the example below, one broker download per tab. 


If you have multiple accounts at one brokerage, then append the last 4 digits of the account number to the tab name.  For example, you have two accounts at TD Ameritrade with account numbers 987654321 and 123456789.  Your tab names would be TDA-4321 and TDA-6789.

We will take your information and convert it into a uniform format for wash sale purposes across brokerages.

You must provide the Year-End statement for each brokerage and Form 1099 as a pdf and as an Excel electronic download.

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