Broker Conversion Templates

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Click on the brokerage icon to download a macro-enabled Excel 2013 template.

You may need to adjust your Trusted Documents settings in Excel.

These will open as a link to my Google drive and you can download from there.

All Templates updated 1/17/2022


Incomplete - does not include REMOVALs

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If you have NO REMOVALs on your data download.  You will have no expirations, exercises or assignments


If you have REMOVALs on your data download.  You will have expirations, exercises or assignments

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REMOVALs are Closing Transactions that TD Ameritrade fails to include; This Template adds the necessary Closing Transactions

Video Tutorials
Using the Standard OSI Template
TDA - Changing REMOVALs to Closes
Adding Closing Transactions

I you want us to prepare your tax return or just the trading portion of your tax return, you will save preparation fees by preparing your data using the Brokerage Conversion Template.

If you do not believe you can perform these conversions then we can, but our hourly rate of $180 will apply.

The Excel data file should appear as the example below.

You must still provide the Broker Year-End statement and Form 1099.

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