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Trade to Return

How Do We Get All These Trades to our Tax Return?

Here we will illustrate some trades using a video presentation and then track those trades to a tax return.

Please note:  These trades do represent actual stocks traded but are shown for illustrative and educational purposes only and in no way reflects a recommendation to trade these stocks.

The Trades:

Video 1 - A Covered Call adjusted to a Collar on Apple (AAPL)

Video 2 - Three Bull Puts on Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Apple (AAPL)

Video 1 - Shows you how to report a "strategy" of starting out with a naked (cash-secured) put tha is assigned the underlying stock and traded through earnings - with a protective put for risk mitigation - with short calls and then exercised via a final short call.

Video 2 - Shows you how to report three Bull Puts on your tax return.  Two of the bull puts expire worthless and one is closed early.

Don't Tax that Strategy!!
Remember that Trading Strategies are NOT taxed as a "strategy" but the individual legs are.
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