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Trade to Return

How Do We Get All These Trades to our Tax Return?

Here we will illustrate some trades using a video presentation and then track those trades to a tax return.

Please note:  These trades do represent actual stocks traded but are shown for illustrative and educational purposes only and in no way reflects a recommendation to trade these stocks.

The Trades:

Video 1 - A Covered Call adjusted to a Collar on Apple (AAPL)

Video 2 - Three Bull Puts on Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Apple (AAPL)

Video 2 - Shows you how to report three Bull Puts on your tax return.  Two of the bull puts expire worthless and one is closed early.

Video 1 - Shows you how to report a "strategy" of starting out with a naked (cash-secured) put tha is assigned the underlying stock and traded through earnings - with a protective put for risk mitigation - with short calls and then exercised via a final short call.

Remember that Trading Strategies are NOT taxed as a "strategy" but the individual legs are.
Don't Tax that Strategy!!