Option Traders Template

Features & Pricing

Use the table at right to determine which features you will need.  Please refer to the demos to help determined which version you want to purchase.

Please Note:

The Option Traders Template is written in 32-bit Excel 2013 VBA as a binary workbook, meaning that the files are saved with the extension filename .xlsb.  Integration with Tax Reporting is based on that format and you should NOT change the file extension, especially if you intend to use Tax Reporting.

The MTM Election template is a stand-alone product but is more efficiently saved as a binary Excel file with the .xlsb extension.

Please download the Trial Version BEFORE purchasing to test for system compatibility.

Trial Version


  • Free download

  • Ten (10) day evaluation period

  • Up to ten (10) trades can be entered

  • Not historical data can be input

  • Same features as 'Deluxe' version

Please Note:  The Trial Version is for the Option Traders Template ONLY; the MTM Election and the Tax Reporting templates have no Trial Version - Please watch the video tutorials for more information.

Please read the End User License Agreement BEFORE your purchase and click here to see how to setup the Option Traders Template as a Trusted Document.

Free Download - Opens as a Google drive link

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